‘‘In the 1800s there were rivers in California, that no matter how many times you put your pan in the water, you came up with gold. Geena is one of those rivers. The girl can cook!”

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Pendleton Whisky Affogato

Affogato’s are such a simple dessert, but they make such a fun treat to serve after dinner. This affogato has an extra twist thanks to the shot of Pendleton Whisky! We especially love sprinkling our Black Cyprus Sea Salt on top of this!

Pendleton Whisky x CRFS

Over the last few weeks, I have been testing out a couple cocktails from Pendleton Whisky’s new recipe page! It’s safe to say there is a drink for everyone! I tested these drink recipes out by pairing them with recipes from my cookbook, Field To Fork and serving them to loved ones for Valentine’s Day. Here is a recap […]