Our home - Speckled Nose farm

Our Montana Log (farm) house is tucked between the Madisons & Gravlley Mountain Ranges in SW Montana. 

In the winter you can find us watching the snow, embracing the cozy cabin near the fireplace (just kidding, most likely spending an extra 2 hrs trying to feed the animals)…but come spring we will be enjoying being outside, the lilacs that frame the deck will be blooming & the garden will be growing. I can’t wait to share an updated picture from this angel when everything is blooming!

I never thought I would live in a log house, let alone a smaller one but when I saw this house I knew it had so much potential. The log house is 25 years old so parts of the house were outdated.This year we are going to start renovating, you can see below I started with one of the guest bedrooms. This room is now my office & it used to be bright orange with camo trim. For now it will stay an office but our plan is to knock down a few walls to expand our kitchen & living room. I will be sharing in a seperate blog what the room looks like now & show you what we plan to do to it in the next few months.

The renovations won’t just stay inside since we have plans to rework the outside too. What was once an arena for the old homeowners barrel horses is now a greenhouse/garden area along with a new chicken coop (horse people I’m sorry)! The sand from the arena has really kept my greenhouse warm during the colder months & will make a great floor for the chicken coop. We are planning to add some fruit trees along with reworking some of the pastures & update the shelters for the chickens, alpacas & pigs. 

There were quite a few outbuildings on the property including tack rooms, horse stalls & shelters, chicken coops, a shipping container & a shed (which will be turned into a store). We have plans to rework all of these & have already tackled the chicken coop that was here, turning it into a baby chick nursery.

We are still under snow so more pics to come!

xo geena

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