‘‘In the 1800s there were rivers in California, that no matter how many times you put your pan in the water, you came up with gold. Geena is one of those rivers. The girl can cook!”

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The Durango Shoe-Boot.. your new fall staple bootie

*sponsored by Zappos* One thing I love about a true feeling fall day, is getting to wear booties without freezing! Booties are my favorite type of boot to wear mainly because I can wear them three out of the four seasons. If you have read any of my other recent blogs, you know I mentioned […]

Red Justin Boots = The New Black!

  *sponsored by Zappos* This is not a home decor post even though by the looks of this first pic you would guess it is! These RED Boots from Zappos are so gorgeous you will want to display them when you’re not wearing them! It’s no secret around here I love boots! With the holidays not […]

Shine In Vegas with Laredo’s Starburst Boot

Our photos tell stories. But not scary ghost stories. I mean, like, the stories that dreams are made of. 

Softball mom — for a night 

This morning I left the house at 5:00 to get to the gym. I always pack my bag & load my car the night before…However I was way more excited about checking cows in the dark that I completely forgot to iron my dress… I chose the wrinkled dress & no hair brush for the […]

Make New Friends But Keep The Old

You know those friends that you don’t see or talk to for ages but when you do, it’s like you never missed a thing? That would be my kikiD. Our mamas have been friends for 33 years & we were born 3 months apart. We were babies together & went to preschool together, then parted […]