‘‘In the 1800s there were rivers in California, that no matter how many times you put your pan in the water, you came up with gold. Geena is one of those rivers. The girl can cook!”

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That’s The Thing About Small Farm Towns…

No one told me that when I moved to this no-stop-light-town I would be blessed with so many great relationships. No one also told me that I would experience so much heart ache & loss. See the thing about these tiny little farm towns is that the younger generation, the “me generation” wants nothing to do […]


Okra. I love it. I’m obsessed with it. Y’all will hear about it some more & see a gazillion pictures of it cooked when it’s ready to pick. Two weeks ago, I push plowed & we got okra seeds in the ground. Apparently it’s super hard to get started & a lot of people  can’t […]