M & F Western House Shoes + Boot Tree

*sponsored by Zappos*

House shoes, slippers or my-everyday-shoes-after-spending-17-days-in-Vegas. After spending 15 days in heels & boots, I thought it was only acceptable to order a pair of M & F Western brand slippers as my next purchase from Zappos. Another recent purchase from Zappos this month was a new boot tree– more on that later…. let’s get back to the slippers.


I decided to go with the M & F Western Brandi Moccasin Slipper. I chose these because with regular slide slippers, my feet always slide out & I never end up wearing them. The thought of putting on real shoes after Vegas gave me the courage to order these slippers! I am so glad I did because I have not taken them off since I got them!


I went with the size 7/8 & I am normally a 8-8.5 in boots! They fit perfect & I can actually wear them with socks if needed. I chose the brown multi color just in case I decide to wear them out of the house & need to look acceptable!


The Brandi Moccasins are also puppy approved, beware your dog may want to lay on your feet when you are wearing them… The boot tree however is not puppy proof! See below at the puppy licks!

I decided to order a couple boot trees to test them out as I have been using cut up pool noodles for the last few years. I literally stuff something in every single pair of bootie or boot. After trying these out, I went ahead & purchased a few more to start building up enough for all my boots! Not only do they help keep the shape- they are also cedar so they pull out moisture & help absorb odor after you have been wearing those boots all day!

You can purchase this set of boot trees here. These are sold as a set! If you sign up for Zappos rewards you will get free expedited shipping. Another perk would be that once you start placing orders, you will get points to use towards your future purchases! I had two $5 rewards to use so I used those! As I have mentioned in another blog, two of my orders got delayed because I live pretty rural (not Zappos fault! I live very very remote) & Zappos sent me two emails with a 20% off code since my order did not arrive on the expected date! So I snagged the boot trees for an awesome price!


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