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Red Justin Boots = The New Black!


*sponsored by Zappos*

This is not a home decor post even though by the looks of this first pic you would guess it is! These RED Boots from Zappos are so gorgeous you will want to display them when you’re not wearing them!

It’s no secret around here I love boots! With the holidays not so slowly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear to those holiday parties & events!

My suggestion, start with your boots & plan your outfit from there! Especially a statement boot. Even though you may feel like red may be a hard boot color to pair outfits with, think again. Red boots literally go with everything!

We celebrated my dads 60th birthday & I thought it was the perfect time to debut my new red Elina Boots by Justin! I love a bold boot, but Justin Brands really outdid themselves with this cherry red leather boot! If red is not your color, but you’re loving the style of the Elina Boot, don’t worry because Zappos has this exact boot in a classic brown!*but I really suggest you try the red*

This boot has this amazing retro look to it from the white flame accent stitching & distressed toe. Picures don’t really do the detail on this boot justice! Not only is this a beautiful boot, it also is ridiculously comfortable because of the j-flex insole! As I have mentioned previously in blog posts  I refuse to wear a boot that is not comfortable.

I also wanted to mention that as the craziness of the holidays is approaching, I forgot to order these when I originally planned…I was able to use my Zappos Rewards to order these boots last min (on a Sunday) & got to use FREE EXPEDITED SHIPPING. I received them in the mail 2 days later (on Tuesday)! Have I mentioned I live in a very rural area & getting anything in the mail in 2 days is unheard of! Zappos also offers 365 day returns, but as long as you read the reviews on how everything fits, you won’t need to use that return policy!


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