These Boots Are Made For Walking… Around Texas Antiques Week


Chances are if you have been following me on Instagram for awhile, you know I have a not so secret love affair with boots. I am talking all shapes, colors, styles, heel height, shorties or extra tall, snip toes, square toe- you name it, I probably have it or have it on my wish list! One thing I am always very consistent on is comfort. It doesn’t matter how perfect the boot is, it’s not truly perfect unless you can be in them for 10 hours.

So for me, you will never see me in a boot that has not stood the test of a trade show, market or even a day of traveling through airports. I can promise you, if you see the boot on my page, it has passed the test.

I will be sharing different styles/fits + how I style boots from my personal collection.  So for the first boot share, I wanted to share one of my favorite recent boot scores… These would be the  ‘Bramble Rose’ Boot by Lane//Junk Gypsy.


What initially drew me to these babies was the retro western vibe & funky colors, but what bumped them to the top of my list would be the comfort level.


I wore my Bramble Rose boots all through Texas Antiques week for three days in a row. Yes, three full days walking around Warrenton & Roundtop. Digging through junk piles + walking 22,870 steps in one day. Yes that is an exact number, according to my fit bit.


These babies carried me through the junk fields for miles.


& to the Fried Green Bean Stand (Pappa D’s out of Wimberly, TX)

I love how even though the boots are a brick color they go with EVERYTHING. Above are a couple full outfits of how I styled by Bramble Rose in the evenings.

IMG_9699     IMG_9700

These have been my go to to boots for casual day outfits, concert nights + patio dinner dates! You will most definitely see me sporting my Bramble Rose Boots around all summer long!

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