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‘No Roots Boots’ Meet The Boutique

It’s no secret that I like to shop small… & by shop small we all know that I am not talking about my cart size but I mean supporting small businesses!

Since I was getting so many questions regarding who was a ‘reliable’ boutique or not, I thought I would go ahead & start posting about the places I like to shop at. Not only do I love these shops because of the products, but also because of the amazing customer service + strong business owners behind them. This ‘Meet The Boutique’ Series, will include some of my favorite places to shop + also include the background story behind the owner!

First up on the our ‘Meet The Boutique’ Series is Paige Ehnle, owner of No Roots Boots.

Meet Paige! Isn’t she the cutest!


After chatting with Paige, I wanted to share a little behind No Roots Boots, because this is NOT your typical boot store.

When you think of a boot store, you think of large department store/warehouse-y feels + a bunch the same boots you see at every other store. Don’t you agree? That is not how they roll, (literally because this is a boot boutique on wheels ) at No Roots Boots.

No Roots Boots is a one of a kind Boot Boutique on wheels, a 72 Airstream to be exact! Paige grew up on a farm in Illinois, where she had a little sweet-corn stand with her brother & sister, so she had hard work instilled in her at a young age! After her experience on the farm & selling boots during college, Paige tried to sell seeds to farmers for a local seed company. She said “Let’s just say, it wasn’t selling boots, and I knew nothing would ever compare.” Paige handpicks only a select amount of styles! She also makes sure that she has the perfect fit for everyone’s needs. Every boot at No Roots Boots is quality made & not by a machine along with made in the US or Mexico.

So at age 23, Paige bought the 72 Airstream & No Roots Boots was born in May 2017!

I interviewed Paige with a few questions about what makes her boutique different + where she finds here inspo!

G: How would you describe your boutiques style?

P: I would say my boutiques style is pretty reflective of my own personal style – boho, with a western flare. In the midwest there are western shops, but not many who cater to the western fashion boot customers.

G: After living in the midwest for 3 years, I totally understand what you are saying. There are hardly any places that cater to the western fashion customers!

G: What does a typical work day look like? Give some examples of your day because we kn18222160_214562185705400_8013997458969524226_now it’s just not all pretty boots + pictures!

P: First off, let’s keep it real. I am not a morning person – my day starts with caffeine and a lot of it! If I am in the shop, I usually get there around 10 + get to work grinding out my to do list. Y’all the list never ends + I love that. I am driven + love to come into work with a goal in mind for what I want to accomplish each day. When you are a one woman show you are the bookkeeper, the janitor, the shipping manager, the social media expert, the website updater, the customer service rep, and the sales lady. I love wearing all of the hats. I know that each and every customer will be taken care of the No Roots Boots way because I make sure of it!

G: To me this is ALL SO IMPORTANT! Being a one woman show + excelling in customer service & staying on top all the other daily tasks is truly impressive!

G: Where do you find inspiration & how do you overcome creative blocks?

P: There is only one answer to that question, for me, I find inspiration on the road. Traveling refuels my ideas + creativity. I am known for getting restless + taking off on a spontaneous trip because of it! There is nothing that inspires me more than driving through Rural America. There is something amazing about driving through towns that are just blips on a map + realizing that someone has built their entire life there. I love seeing this rural revival we have happening as well. People are investing their money to shop small + small town, downtowns are growing because of it. And if that doesn’t inspire me I turn on “Little Man” by Alan Jackson. [side note: it’s pretty convenient that my business is on wheels because of this, I get to travel several months out of the year + put roots down in a small town the other months!] Instagram helps too because it helps connect to you people, places, things + style, but being on the road is my main source of inspiration for life + business in general.

G: I can relate to this on so many levels, I usually get my best work + most creative thoughts on the road…but not going to lie… I wish I had the airstream! 

G: I have noticed that you are super knowledgable on boot care + products. When I got my Kacey Booties from No Roots Boots, they were already treated + buttery soft! How did you you learn so much about boot care?

P: I have always loved fashion + people, but boots were something I had to learn about. When I first started, I knew just the basics. But when I was asked a question I didn’t know, I would tell the customer just that. Then I would proceed to look it up, and I never forgot the answer. I am constantly educating myself, so I can better educate my customers. When you buy handcrafted booties, you are making an investment. And when you make an investment, you want to make sure you know how to take care of them, right? Quality, handcrafted boots will last a long, long time, then can be resoled + worn some more if well taken care of! I spray treat EVERY boot before it goes out my door. Whether it’s an online order or in store. My goal is to give to my customers + educate them, not be that pushy salesperson trying to get that “add on” sale.

G: How do you stay inspired to keep the boutique up to date on trends?

P: As I had mentioned before, I am always learning + researching. I obviously follow influencers + brands in the western world, but I also watch non-western influencers + brands. Because No Roots Boots is mix of both!

G: What is your favorite accessory to pair with your boots?

P:I have a 1930s old pawn, all sterling squash blossom. Don’t get me wrong, I love old pawn turquoise rings + cuffs, but I like my necklaces to be without it. Just my personal style + preference.

G: I actually really love this answer! I have been leaning towards the all silver sterling blossoms for awhile now!

G:Do you look up to any other boutiques? If so, who?

P: Savannah 7s is easily the biggest one I have looked up to. Her brand is so authentic + true – I love that. My best girl, Hunter, owner of HG’s Closet, is the real deal. I am so thankful to do this boss business with her alongside! She stocks basically half my closet with clothes that are perfect for my style, keeps me inspired, + is the biggest advocate for my business! She started when she was 18, is only 21 now,  + is just killing the game. I love to surround myself with business owner’s who have the same approach to business as I do, it is such an inspirational, collaborative, incredible environment to be a part of. Some of my other gal pals are: Katsch, Runaway Rack, and Urban FarmChic just to name a few.

G: I LOVE Savannah 7’s + HG’s Closet! They are both awesome girls! Looks like you have a group of hardworking gal-pals! I am also looking forward to checking out the other 3, so thank you for the recommendations!

G: What is your favorite boot brand?


P: This is probably the toughest question, I love every brand. If  I didn’t I wouldn’t carry them. Simple as that. Maybe it is similar to when you ask your mom who her favorite child is. Haha!

G: Well I tried to get Paige to spill the beans on what her favorite brand was, but of course she compared it to the mom picking her favorite child! So naturally I asked what is her ONE boot she couldn’t live without!

P: Hands down, the Paige Gaucho. I never, ever thought I would be one of those people to have to have multiple of the same boot, but this is the one. I named it after myself + have two of them (pathetic, right). But it has a heel (I’m 5’2” I need all the heel I can get!) + is comfortable to stand in and sell in all day long.

G: Overall… what’s your number one goal owning your boutique?

P: Oh, number one goal. I have a lot of goals, but I guess I will describe my grand vision. My goal of No Roots Boots is to build an authentic brand. It’s valuing people over profit. It’s building those incredible relationships with other business owners, vendors, and customers. To me, this business is way more than just selling boots. It’s helping the customer find the perfect boot to match their personal style. I always say good boots take you good places. I want my customers to find that boot that they put on and they feel so confident in, that they feel like they can take on anything. Each customer is unique; their story, their life, their purpose, and their style is no different. I want my brand to reflect that, to offer boots that are as unique as the women buying them.

G: Where can we find you? Give us social handles, shows, etc. (Paige has one of my favorite IG handles!)

P: Instagram: @norootsboots

Facebook: @norootsboots → about and travel schedule → online store

Last but not least, I asked Paige what was next for No Roots Boots & I really feel like she had the best answer. She mentioned she’s not much of a planner because she all about ‘taking what is given & making the best of it’ (these are some of the best words I’ve heard!).  Some goals for No Roots Boots this year include traveling more, booking bigger events + continuing to surround herself with really, really good people. Paige is so thankful for how blessed she has been this last year & can’t wait to see what is really “next”!


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