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Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Waffles

I’ve been craving waffles all week so this morning I took charge.

{Currently I’m reading “Wild & Free” & I highly recommend it to all you girls out there.}

I hand write my recipes & put them in a binder–my Nana used to do it when I was a kid & I guess I just followed her. I love going through the old recipes & seeing different family members/family friends hand written recipes.

Here’s a cleaned up version of a typical waffle. This recipe has protein powder for extra, well protein 🙂

You can use whatever kind of flour you want, GF, All Purpose, whatever you want. I use Whole Wheat most of this time. You can also use regular PB & it will work just fine. I just like the crunch. I’ve calculated the macros for recipe, but they will change a little depending on the brands you use.

I also prefer these waffles with a little crunch so I pop them in the toaster after they come out of the waffle iron. This morning I topped mine with strawberries because I couldn’t find the syrup {so sad!}

Since this makes 11 waffles I put them in individual baggies & eat them throughout the week. They do not look pretty in baggies, but here you go:


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