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Perfect Stormy Night Dinner

I started house sitting this evening about 40 minutes from the farm. I knew I had a busy day so I planned ahead.

Today started off as a nice day moving cows & then got super dark & stormy. It started pouring rain & still is. I’m currently sitting in the jacuzzi tub & thought I would share what I cooked for dinner! Aside from the meat cooking, it’s a pretty quick & effortless dinner.

As you saw in my previous post, I marinated a huge brisket from one of the butcher steers. I actually had to cut it in half & use 2 crock pots to cook it.

For the marinade I used:

Worcestershire sauce {to taste, I used a lot}, beef broth, horseradish mustard, cavenders, fresh parsley & onions, lots of salt & pepper & a dash of balsamic.

Plopped the brisket in the crock pots & cooked on low for 8 hours.

My sides tonight were Brussel Sprouts & Asparagus.. Two of my absolute faves!

I make Brussels all kinds of my ways but  my go is to season a cast iron with EVOO & salt & throw in Brussels. Cook them until the bottom is golden. Add pepper & seasonings of choice. Remove from stove & place under broiler until crisp on top. That’s it!

As for the Asparagus, EVOO, garlic, salt & pepper on a tray for 15-20 minutes at 400.

There ya go, a yummy, easy dinner for a stormy night!

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