Garden Tales


Okra. I love it. I’m obsessed with it. Y’all will hear about it some more & see a gazillion pictures of it cooked when it’s ready to pick.

Two weeks ago, I push plowed & we got okra seeds in the ground. Apparently it’s super hard to get started & a lot of people  can’t get it to sprout out here. I was determined to make this work! So we got two very long rows in by the watermelon patch & two rows by the corn.

These sprouts are at exactly 7 days from when they got in the ground. The reason they came up so fast was because we had some heavy rain storms starting the day after it was planted. With those crazy storms, the well got hit by lightening. Which meant, no tv, phone, Internet oh & you know just WATER. Are you kidding me? Never have I experienced that & I don’t want to again. I could care less about the rest or even power, just let me have my water!! It took 3 days to get the well fixed.

Even though I knew I couldn’t take a full shower, I was just SO excited on Thursday that I had to go play & pick weeds. I’ve made it very clear. NO ONE is allowed anywhere near the patch. No weed wacker, tiller, push plow or hoe can get anywhere near it. The weeds will be hand pulled, I can’t risk losing any 😂
Next week will be time to thin them out. It’s safe to say there’s going to be enough okra & I’ll even be able to share some with those who couldn’t grow it. I’m also fully aware I will be spending hours picking this, everyday.

2 thoughts on “OKRA.

  1. Wonderful! How exciting. What do you do with your okra? I’ve never worked with it. I’m looking forward to following, I started my own garden this year! Happy growing 🙂


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