Farm Tales

Ray Day, Play Day & Spray Day


This weekend was CRAZY, not that it’s any different than any weekend before…or weekend to come. Friday it was pouring rain on my way home from work & I spotted the stray little black kitten I had been seeing on the side of the highway for a couple weeks. She had not let me get her before but Friday I did! She’s been a doll, well a very clingy doll, since I brought her home. She has been spending a lot of time with her Grandma & has gotten very attached to her.

Saturday, I did my normal routine. Ray came & picked me up.. this time not in his bright blue ford. He was incognito in his white flat bed {even the cows don’t recognize him in that truck}. I also made him take a picture with me– I didn’t give him an option. When he refused no, my response was “If my Dad was here, he would do it”. Needless to say he did it ❤

The catch was I gave him coffee in my “Coffee Then Cows” mug. Of course so we could get a picture in our matching gear. He’s such a good sport!

We went & put out mineral & salt licks for all his cows. After that we went and checked in with Mona Joy. I just love that lady. After that he brought me back to the house.










Sunday, I fed & watered the calves & horse. The calves are getting crazy & are going to need to be moved soon.. I got a few hours of weeding &  yardwork in & even got to transplant some of my cucumbers. I also got the lovely privilege of assisting spraying the pastures for weeds 😂 lucky me!

In the afternoon, I cleaned about 98574389753 pounds of strawberries until my hand was stained red. I had to come up with something to make- so naturally home made ice cream came to mind! After I set up the ice cream & got it going I got started on dinner & let me tell you it was yummmmmy. You will have to go to my Cookin tab to see that 🙂

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