Faint Of The Heart

I grew up on Country & Southern Rock Music & by Music I mean Willie, Waylon, Dixie Chicks, David Allen Coe, Dolly, Creedance, Skynyrd, John Denver, The Eagles, The Band… Okay you get it real music.

That music is something my Dad forced upon me as a kid. I used to get so mad at him for making me listen to it but as I got older, it was just another thing I appreciated my Dad did for me. In elementary school, I hated it. Starting on middle school, I LOVED it, I started to appreciate what my dad was always trying to get through to me. Real.Good.Music. I started asking him for suggestions & well ended up with all the classics. When all the kids were wanting pop {which used to also be me} I was listening to Creedance on my CD Walkman. Super cool right?!

Back to my point, today “Country Music” has lost its, well..Country. The real music is pretty much gone. & although I do enjoy some of the newer tunes & artists it’s hard to find a full album to appreciate that doesn’t have a fake, look at my jacked up truck, pop-y kick to it.

Sister C reminds me of genuine real country music & what’s so school about them is that they are sisters! They have that southern twang & fantastic real lyrics.  “Faint of The Heart” is my favorite song they have. & I wish they would be on the dang radio… But as we all know, bro-country takes priority right now. I love all of their songs & lyrics!

This song talks about everything from girls proving they are as tough boys, passing first base {baseball term & today meaning}, spending time & money to “get pretty”,  the wage gap between men & women & so on. But this is not a man hater pop song, it’s a positive song with the message of saying “Suck It In & Work It Out”– atleast that’s what I got out of it ❤️

In this world we are livin in today, girls are just mean & bring each other down. We need to all be batting on the same team & lift each other up. To me this song shows that also– go check it out & the other songs on their website.

I ordered this tank of their website. Sister C

I’ve worn my tank multiple ways & these two were pretty close to the same– but I didn’t care. & of course I have my The Classy Trailer tiny tag on 🐮❤️

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