Garden Tales

Tillin’ The Night Away 

I got home from work last night with one thing on my mind… Till up another Okra patch.

Yesterday, I skipped the gym to spend a little extra time with the cow pals in the morning. I was feeling pretty guilty & planned on going after work. But after my Missouri Mama introduced Okra to me- I just can’t get it off my mind! I SO made up for the missed workout with this… I did NOT plan on tilling the yard this way, & didn’t even know what this was! But when both tillers are broken… A girls gotta do it one way or another! Ended up getting a better workout than I ever could at the gym & all the okra is now planted 🌱💚

Before moving to The South, I had no idea what Okra was & if someone would have told me what it was–I wouldn’t have ate it anyways. After all, it was a fried, spiny, strange looking vegetable. Now I am so obsessed with it, I could eat it everyday. I like to slice up the Okra along with some Peppers & Onions, toss in water then coat with Corn Meal & fry it in coconut oil.

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