Girls Just Wanna… Be Fed 

This Wednesday is brought to you by COWS, COFFEE & FLOWY SHIRTS (to hide the cheesecake baby of course- we have been eating a lot of treats at work this week)

This morning I skipped my early morning workout to go check the gals. I also had to pick up eggs from the egg boy for my co workers.

I sat on the bed with my coffee & maybe put a little feed out for her. I mean look at that face? How could you not give her a snack? After all, real girls like food too!

One of the gals was off by herself, while the rest were with me. So I am hoping there is a new baby today! Fingers crossed atleast!

While I wait for the cows, I’ll just have to have some more coffee.

2 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna… Be Fed 

  1. I follow you on Instagram and just today found this site. It’s absolutely wonderful … Your absolutely wonderful for doing what you do. I’m sure your like a huge beam of sunshine in everyones life you in. Keep on keeping on!!! Your really living a dream…

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