The Mondayest Tuesday E.V.E.R

Moooove over Tuesday, you feel like Monday.

You know those days when your alarm goes off & you just wanna say forget it & hide under the covers? Blah. That’s today. It’s raining, I could hear the cows mooing & I just wanted to stay home.

I put on my big girl boots(ies) & packed my bag for the gym–that I should have done last night. Grabbed the first few things in my closet and poof out the door by 5am for the gym. I didn’t wash my hair & was a little late to work, oops. In other news today I found out I got a 3.7 my first semester of school, could have been a 4.0 if I didn’t turn in the wrong final for College Orientation, oops again.

The end result… 5 cups of gas station coffee & my yogurt with granola.

Atleast my cows will be at home waiting for me!

p.s. In the back is my favorite purse, it’s Vera Bradley & has Back Calf Hair. ALSO these are one of my favorite pairs of booties I own. & I actually found them at Target about 5 years ago… they were an online return & happened to be in my size. Score.

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