Farm Tales


Every Saturday & sometimes Sunday Rays old, flat bed,bright blue, Ford pick up  pulls into the driveway to pick me up. Ray is {one} of my dads out here & watches out for me always. It gets pretty tough not having my dad out here & I definitely wouldn’t have made it this long without Ray. He has two sons so I just remind him I’m the daughter he never had.

Our routine pretty much always starts out the same, me getting to talk his ear off. That is until something crazy happens, which always does…like a waterer is leaking, the water isn’t working at all or cows are out.

After Ray picks me up, I {sometimes} open a few gates {weather permitting 😂} & we check a few sets of his cows. Next we go visit Mona Joy. Now Mona Joy is a very well known local out in these parts & let me tell you, I am so lucky to have met her & have her on my team. She is 88 with the mind of 25 year old & the sassiest lady you will ever meet. You can’t handle the truth? Then you can’t handle Mona Joy. She tells it like it is & always has a word of advice. Today when Ray asked if she would go back to being 20 again, her answer “hell no. No, I wouldn’t go back to being a dumb 20 year old, I knew everything I need to know now”  If she likes you, she loves you. If she doesn’t, you are SOL. ❤️

It’s been so windy but weeds are needing to be sprayed. Ray attempted to spray some poison hemlock by hand this morning. I stayed in the truck with my coffee for this one.

Here’s a pic from 2 weeks ago when he brought me some wild asparagus. He now knows there will be selfies on Saturday so I can post them, he’s not thrilled!

Here are some of the gals today, just hanging on the hill. I went and checked them before Ray got me & after he dropped me off.

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