The Fit Life||

I haven’t always been into the fit life, but it is a huge part of my life today. Over 5 years ago I got to be almost 200lbs, when you’re barely over 5 foot, it showed a lot. I was on Anti Depressants & SO happy, I didn’t even realize the medicine had made me gain weight…

When I was at my check in appt. the Dr. {who was very overweight} told me I had “gained a few extra” and should probably look into fixing it. I called my Dad, crying– he took the rest of the day off of work and we went “Lifestyle Diet” book shopping. I lost 60 pounds & kept it off for the last 5years {not once did my weight go back up}. Within the last 2 years being around the farms, I have lost another 20 & gained a lot more muscle.

I stopped the medicine, quit my Doctor & changed my food & exercise habits & never looked back.

Here are a few before & after pictures:


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