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Farm Style

I have always had my own style & stuck out– I never really knew how to describe my style. It was always just, different. Which was never an issue for me. This picture was taken after I got home from work. I always go to the pasture where my girl Fiona is to give her a little treat & yes, I wore this on the farm.

coffee cows tank


4 thoughts on “Farm Style

  1. Geena,
    You are such a doll. You have changed your life so much. I admire you for all your changes. Its not easy to do what you did. I always wondered where and what you were doing., and today my daughter said to me read this mom, you will enjoy it. I am so glad she did! You look so happy and fantastic. KEEP LIVIN YOUR DREAM GIRL…….
    Love ya,
    Ps I remember you at the coffee shop!


  2. You are honestly my inspiration. A year ago I met my farm boy boyfriend and when I saw your Instagram cityraisedfarmsaved it really spoke to me. I have always had this unique sense of style that everyone loved and never thought I would end up living on a farm, but it was the best thing that had ever happened to me and reading your posts and blogs make me feel even better!


    1. Thank you so much for your comment! You totally made my whole week! Sometimes we just need experience different lifestyles to help us find out who we really are. I would also agree that living on a farm was the best thing that happened to me too!


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