My Jewels & Style

Feelin’ Blue

Last week I was a little a blue. I had been to the Dr. a few times & was not allowed to work out or play with the cows & in the garden. This did not make it very pleasant to be around me. I repeat, this was NOT pleasant to be around me 😉

But last weekend my Mama out here decided to let my wrist borrow this since she never wears it. {if you follow me on instagram, you can see it’s been glued to my wrist ever since} Everyday I have some type of turquoise on,  no matter the occasion.{She had this cuff handed down to her in high school and wasn’t sure how long it was in the family before that} Paired with the cuff, is my Mamas wedding ring, along with a few old pawn pieces I have found antiquing.

After all, if you’re going to be feelin’ blue, might as well make it Turquoise!

turq cuff

{P.S. I used to have really pretty nails, before the farm}

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